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"Training with DJ at Impact Speed and Agility has immensely improved my athleticism. I have been attending camp for five years and I'm an extremely better athlete because of it. I plan to continue working with DJ as long as I can so I can meet and exceed personal goals. His training has increased my confidence and speed to a national level. He shows commitment and passion towards all athletes and getting them better. DJ is more than a coach; he is a mentor and a friend. He pushes athletes to be the best they can be and teaches us that hard work pays off!"

Elliana Tweedie

Westford Academy 2023 Track

2019 MA Middle School State Champion

2021/2022 MA All-State Champion in the 100m and 200m

"Working with DJ has been an incredible experience for my son."  


February 10, 2015


"DJ is one of the hardest working, most motivated, and most inspiring people i know. Over the years, I have come to now him more than just my coach, but as a person as well. He puts lots of care and effort into each and every one of his athletes and he truly wants them to be the best that they can be. He strives to become better as a coach and a human every single day for his athletes. He fueled my passion for track, and he is the person who got me where I am today. I will continue to look up to him, and I a honored to have him as my coach."

Adam Yang

Acton-Boxborough 2019


6x DCL All-Star

9x DCL Champion

5x D1 MA Champion

2x All-State Champion

2019 New England Champion

2019 All-American

University of Pennsylvania Track

"Speed And Agility with DJ has been by far the best camp I’ve ever been to. He is very supportive, and forms a strong bond with every athlete. Not only does he help athletes get physically stronger, but mentally as well. Going to this camp has given me an advantage over most all other soccer players, and I encourage all athletes to get out and put in the work at Impact Speed and Agility."

awada soccer2.jpeg

Andrew Awada

Westford Academy 2020

Assumption Soccer


Impact Speed and Agility has helped me so much as an athlete in all aspects. Not only did it improve my athleticism and speed, it also helped me develop a better mentality. I have been able to see more of my potential and gain confidence in my abilities. The group that comes to camp is incredibly supportive and I have made some of my closest friends because of it. DJ and all the coaches feed into this energy. They put everything into this camp, wanting all the athletes to become the best they can be. DJ is incredibly committed to improving himself as a coach, as well as making sure his athletes are confident in themselves. He believes in every one of his athletes. I have to thank DJ for always pushing me, physically and especially mentally. He is someone that I admire, am inspired by, and sincerely look up to, every single day. 

Claire Stoddard

Bromfield 2021

Bowdoin College '25

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